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Save time and money with RMC Funding’s convenient construction loan programs!

  • We finance up to 100% of construction costs.
  • If construction already started? No problem!
  • Up to 24 months for construction completion.
  • Cross-collateralization acceptable.
  • Bridge and gap financing available.
  • Single Family, Apartments, Condos, Mixed-Use and Major Remodeling projects accepted.

    Even when your construction loan doesn’t fit the              conventional underwriting box, we can find a loan            solution to meet your unique situation.

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 What is a Commercial Construction Loan?

Commercial construction loans usually take the form of short-term financing which is granted to investors or real estate developers looking to pursue commercial construction or redevelopment projects without requiring the upfront capital for the entire project’s completion.

Types of Commercial Construction Loans we offer:

  • Construction Development Loans
  • LLC Loans for Investment Property Development
  • Multi- Family Construction Loans
  • Hard Money Construction Loans
  • Commercial Real Estate Construction Loans
  • Small Balance Commercial Loans for improvements 


 What Is a Construction Development Loan?

A construction development loan or acquisition development loan is a short-term loan used to finance the building of a home or any other kind of real estate development project. The investor or developer takes out a construction loan to cover the cost of the project before obtaining long-term funding or have the option of using a one-time close construction to permanent loan which rolls the construction loan into permanent financing without any additional cost.  


 How a Construction Loan Works?

Construction loans are used by investors and real estate developers who use leverage to increase their rates of return and profit. They are short-term loans, usually for a period of only a year unless it is a large development project that will take longer to build. After construction of the property is complete, the borrower is required to payoff the construction loan or roll the loan into permanent financing through our one-time close construction development program. 

The borrower may only be required to make interest payments on a construction loan while the project is still underway. Some construction loans allow you to roll the carrying cost into the loan which helps to limit the out-of-pocket expenses for the investor/developer while the project is being built.

With a construction loan funds are distributed as the project is being built by what is known as construction draws. Draws are associated with the completion of work through what is known as the critical path of construction which ensures proper building methods and materials are used. As the project is being constructed an inspector is sent to the site to confirm progress at which time, they approve the disbursement of funds for work that has been completed. These funds are usually paid by the lender right to the developer or general contractor performing the work. 


What is LLC Loan for Investment Property?

An LLC – or limited liability company – is a business structure owned by one or more individuals or entities. 

LLCs do not pay taxes on the corporate level the way that C corporations do. Instead, LLCs are ‘pass through’ entities, which means that net profits or losses are passed through directly to each LLC member, reported on Schedule D of Form 1040, and taxed at the individual’s rate. 

One person can create a single-member LLC or an LLC can have multiple members, such as a joint venture formed for the purpose of investing in rental real estate. LLCs are formed at the state level, so the way an LLC is formed will vary from state to state. 

Using an LLC for a mortgage is a keyway that rental property investors protect their assets. Despite the name, an LLC mortgage isn’t a different type of loan. Instead, it describes the process used to obtain financing for investment property under an LLC.


 Benefits of Owning Rental Property with an LLC

  • Limited Personal Liability
  • Partnership Investing
  • Pass-Through Income or Losses
  • Increased Privacy
  • Keep Rental Properties Separate
  • Avoid Commingling Business and Personal Expenses


Wanna know more: ( This link will be under the blog page. We will create it later day by day under blog post to provide in depth details) 

 Purpose of Multi- Family Construction Loans

The purpose of getting a multi-family construction loan is to get funding for building or redeveloping an apartment building or mixed-use property. Multi-unit construction loans are not just for big projects but are available to most properties that have 4 units or more. When getting these types of loans, developers may also look to build student housing or hotels.

  Approval and Application Process to Get Multi- Family Construction Loans

When an investor or developer plans on using a multifamily construction loan, they will need to undergo an application process. This is a situation where the investor/developer will fill out paperwork given to them by the lender to get the loan considered. In this application, the developer provides the cost of the project based on contractor estimates, the developer’s total assets, total income, vacancy rate and projected revenue. They will also have their credit evaluated. If approved, the investor/ developer receives the funding upon closing, usually only acquisition funds are distributed immediately and construction funds are escrowed and distributed according to the terms of the loan.

  What is a hard money construction loan?

A hard money construction loan is a form of financing provided to those who do not qualify for traditional funding or choose to use alternative funding programs to close loans quickly or not be subject to rigorous underwriting standards. 

How much you’re able to borrow will depend on three factors:

  • Purchase price of the property
  • Funds needed to construct or renovate
  • Value of property upon completion of improvements

As a general rule, it’s possible to borrow up to 100-percent of the cost of the project as long as your total cost is below the lenders loan to value underwriting requirements. 

Hard money construction loan interest rates are higher than traditional loan programs. However, underwriting is usually quicker and less stringent so you can offset the higher loan cost with your investment efforts by doing more deals.

 How do I qualify for a Hard Money Construction Loan?

In order to get approved, depending on the scale of the project the borrower will need to have completed architectural plans, engineering, budgets, and a scope of work. Plans, engineering, and fees are generally referred to as “soft costs” and some lenders will allow the borrower to finance those into the overall loan. 

Once the borrower has the necessary plans and entitlements, they will fill out an application with a hard money lender. In addition to the application, the lender will want to know any previous experience, the plans and scope of work for the project.


 What are Commercial Construction Loans?

Commercial construction loans focus strictly on commercial real estate with no residential component.

Investors and developers may need a construction loan when

  • Erecting a new office building or warehouse
  • Building a strip mall or retail center
  • Developing single use commercial sites such as banks, fast food or gas stations.

  What Details and Documents Will I Need for Commercial Construction Loans?

The complexity of your loan’s underwriting process will vary based on the complexity of your project. Smaller rehab or development projects will move through the process usually faster than larger projects that expose the lender to higher risk.

The underwriting process will evaluate all the project details including acquisition cost, construction cost, local zoning and market conditions to ensure the project will be profitable and the borrower is solvent. 

Factors assessed could include:
  • The developers or contractors themselves and their reputation.
  • The financial performance of any guarantors.
  • The tax returns and financial statements of both the borrower and the guarantors where applicable.

The property construction schedule, rent roll and pro forma statements will be reviewed with plans, specs, cost, technical specifications and surveys. 

Since commercial construction projects have no operating history, underwriting is more complex and thus the real estate pro forma statements of the project is crucial. A real estate pro forma indicates the cash flow projections for a real estate project.

Small Balance Commercial Loans

A small balance commercial loan is a type of a loan that is offered on all types of commercial property usually valued at 250,000 or less. 

Higher balance commercial loans can have rigorous underwriting requirements, while small-balance commercial mortgages are relatively easy to get closed due to a streamlined underwriting process. Along with less strict requirements, lenders can offer commercial borrowers a greater selection of products and packages with more flexibility.

Small balance commercial mortgages are not served to full capacity in the commercial mortgage marketplace. Big banks and most other commercial mortgage lenders tend to overlook these loans.  

A small balance commercial loan is used for small office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, etc.… that do not meet the minimum loan requirement for most commercial lenders. 


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